Important V2 info:

Due to an unforeseen issue with our ROLI contract we are disabling all ROLI txn’s until we launch our new ROLI V2. Do not worry as everyone who was holding RoliToken as of 3/27/2022 will be compensated the exact monetary value before the contract issue occurred. We pulled the full list of holders via BSC scan. Do not be alarmed as our new contract is launching soon and has way better features and use cases for our community.

What happened:

We attempted to improve out contract by bridging to ETH, when our freelance developers tried to complete the bridge there was a unique feature built in our smart contract that prevented us from being able to complete the last part of the bridge. We did not forsee this being a problem. The feature that prevented this was our auto locking LP feature which caused the tokens we swapped to be stuck/lost indefinitely. We did 2 test TXN’s prior to the move and they went smoothly. We were able to disable the tax for the main wallet but since we cannot touch or access the contracts liquidity it prevented us from finalizing the bridge thus making us lose 53T tokens. RoliToken V2 will relaunch soon via PinkSale we will have a massive marketing campaign when we relaunch plus KYC & contract audits. Old V1 holders will not need to do anything other than add the new contract address to their wallets. We do apologize for any inconvenience & promise to bring you a much stronger/better smart contract with better uses and features that will be user advantageous.

- The RoliToken team